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Church History – Part 1 (The Early Church)

Church History - Part 1 (The Early Church) If you missed it, take a few minutes to check out the first 2 podcast episodes (78 and 79) of the series where we will be diving deep into the topic of Church History and eventually the history of the Bible. Hopefully after listening to Episode 78…Read More

Church History

If someone were to ask you, what is the history of the Church? What would your answer be?

If you are like many Christians today (especially in the western Church) you may not have an answer at all. Unfortunately, not many pastors teach on the history of the church which includes very critical topics such as how we got the Bible that we read today.

Without knowing this history and how the church has survived throughout history, we are allowing ourselves and other Christians to be empty-handed against the lies and schemes of this world when they attack the church today.

Coffee & Jesus #16

A WAY BACK HOME One of my favorite parables in the Bible is that of the prodigal son. Jesus tells this parable of a son that believed he could do it all on his own, asked for his inheritance and left home. As he is living on his own, he waste and squanders everything. He…Read More