Welcome to the first edition of the new writing series called Coffee & Jesus! One of my favorite things to do is make myself a cup of coffee early in the morning, then go into the office and sit down with Jesus. (Hence the name of this new writing series, Coffee & Jesus)

I enjoy this time reading through God’s word and asking Him to speak to me and reveal Himself to me more clearly.

Part of this time I also spend writing devotionals, sermons or just journaling what the Lord has been doing in my life.

One thing is certain, I really enjoy sharing about how awesome Jesus is. I like to express this either through writing or speaking. Before Hope Rising Ministries began, the Lord was building up inside of me the passion and the desire to share just how awesome Jesus is.

At the time, I did not really have opportunities to preach or speak to groups of people. So, the Lord led me to starting a blog called “No Other Name Devotionals”. Catchy right? That was my wife’s idea 🙂

Through this blog, I was able to share many of the things the Lord was speaking to me with everyone else. It was not preaching in front of people, but it was still a way for me to preach to people!

The Lord was using this to build my skills and to help me grow in the calling He placed on my life; which is to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ, through His resurrection, with the world. 

Looking back at how the Lord moved through those devotionals to encourage me, prune me, teach me and lead me, still blows my mind. I am so thankful that He was willing then and is still willing now to use me for His glory and to point others to the only hope that will ever sustain us… and that is only found through a personal relationship with Jesus.

My prayer is that through this new cleverly named series of writings (haha) that the Lord will be able to use it all for His glory and the good of those that read it. Be looking for edition number two coming soon!

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