In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a parable about the “talents” or bags of gold. I will give you a brief summary.

A man is going away on a trip and calls three of his servants to him. To the first, the man gives five talents (each one worth 20 years of wages). To the second he gives two and to the third he gives one. Now, we may think that the guy who only received the 1 talent got jipped but just think about this… If your salary was $30,000 a year, the talent was worth $600,000. So if though he only got 1 talent, it was still 20 years worth of wages.

One of the things I think we should keep in mind about this story is that the three servants did not ask for these talents but rather they were freely given to them.

The man goes on his trip and the servants are given freedom to do what they want with the talents given to them. When the man returns he ask the servants what they did with the gifts they were given.

The first (who had 5) informed the man that he had been able to multiple his amount into 10 talents. The second (who had 2) informed the man that he had been able to multiple his amount into 4 talents. Both of them took advantage of the gift they received and did something with it. Then the third servant walks up and informs the man that he did absolutely nothing with his gift and literally buried it. Ultimately, what he had was taken from him and given to the servant that had 10.

Whether you know it or not, God has given you a “talent”, gift or skill that you did not even ask for. My question for each of us is this, “What are we doing with the gifts that God has given us?”.

Are we like the first two servants that take what has been freely given to us and use it to its full potential? Or are we like the third servant that does nothing with it and lets it go to waste?

Whatever your gifting is, God wants you to use it in order to glorify Him and bring blessings to others.

Thank God for the free gift and ask how you can glorify Him through being a blessing to others.

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