Just the other week, I had the great opportunity to speak at SHS FCA. As I was thinking more about it, I just really wanted to share the message the Lord had led me to speak on at FCA. I spoke from the passage in Luke 8 about a synagogue leader named Jairus. Long story short, he had a daughter who had become deathly ill and he seeks out Jesus to come and heal her.

In Hebrew, the name Jairus means whom God enlightens. To enlighten is like to be shown the light or for something to be made clear (going from darkness to light).

When Jairus actually reaches Jesus there is a large crowd of people around Him. We read in verse 40 that “a crowd welcomed Him, for they were all expecting Him”, talking about Jesus when He returned to Galilee. So we know that once Jairus reached the place where Jesus was, he had to push through the crowd that was standing between them. This is awesome because he did not allow anything or anyone to stand between himself and reaching Jesus.

Then in verse 41-42 it says that when Jairus reached Jesus he, “fell at Jesus’ feet, pleading with Him to come to his house because his only daughter, a girl of about twelve, was dying.” This man, a synagogue leader, humbles himself and falls at the feet of Jesus. This is certainly a posture that we should all begin to have more often. Jairus carries his burden and lays it at the feet of Jesus. In surrender and humility before Jesus, is where we find the strength for our weakness and the hope for our despair.

As the passage continues, it says that they were on the way to Jairus’ house but have a temporary delay when a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years is miraculously healed by reaching out to touch Jesus’ cloak. As they stop and are hearing of what just occurred Jairus is standing there firsthand getting to witness the power of Jesus. The same power that he prays will save his daughter.

But in that moment it says that someone comes from Jairus’ house and informs him that his daughter has died and that there is no need to bother Jesus anymore.

Now isn’t that just like the enemy to try and burst our bubble. Jairus is standing there witnessing the healing power of Jesus and then here comes a voice of negativity and literally death telling him that it is not worth it and there is nothing that Jesus can do.

Have you been there? Are you there now? Is the enemy telling you that Jesus cannot change your situation or the circumstances that you are in? Let me tell you, the enemy is a liar! The doubts and fears that the enemy will throw at us are easily overcome by the power of Jesus! He can literally change our circumstances and even our hearts.

Listen to what Jesus tells Jairus in that moment, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” Like Jairus, we have to choose to listen to the voice of negativity and discouragement (death) or to listen to the voice of Jesus (Life).

The passage continues and says that even when they reached the house of Jairus, there was more negativity and doubt from those around. However, in verse 54 it says that Jesus took the girl by the hand and said, “My child, get up!”. When saying this her spirit returned and the girl got up.

You see, if Jairus had chosen to listen to the voice of those telling him to leave Jesus alone, he would have missed out on experiencing the power of Jesus. The same goes for you and I if we listen to others telling us that there is nothing Jesus can do or that it is not worth it.

I had mentioned that the name Jairus means whom God enlightens. I also want to add that it is through Jesus that God illuminates and enlightens our lives. Apart from Jesus, we are in darkness with no light source. But with Jesus, we have the Light that will never fade nor leave us.

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