“Run Barry, run!”

I never really thought I would say this but one of my favorite comic book heros has become the Flash. I will note that this is because of the TV series that is currently on the CW. Prior to this show, I did not know much about the Flash or really care to know anything about him.

One thing that most all of us know about the Flash is that his superpower is super speed. Several times throughout the series, someone says to Barry (who is the Flash) “Run Barry, run!”. Then at that moment, using his gift, he speeds off to save someone.

You may be thinking “what in the world does ‘The Flash’ have to do with me?”. Well I am glad that you asked. I have two questions for you. My first question is this, is God telling you to run after a calling or a purpose that He has placed in your life? Each of us have a purpose in our life to glorify God. In fulfilling that purpose, the Lord has also given us a calling that will allow us to bring glory to God through submission and obedience.

Then my second question is, are you still standing there or are you running towards it?

Maybe you have seen this scenario play out in your life…

(1) God calls you to do something

(2) You clearly recognize this calling

(3) You spiritually stand still and say, “let me pray about it to get clarity”

If this is something you have done (or may be currently doing) then you are not alone. On several occasions this has been me and probably everyone else reading this. However, when God calls us to “go” then why are we still standing there? God’s voice is all the clarity that we need.

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