Do you ever feel like you are in a season of pause? Sort of like God has hit the pause button and you are just waiting (and ready) for Him to press the play button. But the real question is are you truly ready? Did you consider that maybe you are in this season of pause because He is preparing you to be ready?

Often times we may look at this season as a bad thing and begin to wonder what we are doing wrong. We question if we are not doing the right things and this is why things aren’t going the way we expect.

But what if instead of thinking of the pause as a bad thing, we began to look at it as a blessing in itself. What if the season of pause was actually God allowing us to grow or to prepare for the next season of blessing He has in store for us?

Even when we can’t see God moving in the moment, we can be assured that He is setting up what’s next.

In the season of pause we grow.

We grow spiritually through understanding the value of patience. We grow through learning more of who God is and what He is calling us to by spending time with Him and His word. When you are feeling like you don’t have a clue what God is up to, spend time reading His word and in prayer. During a season of pause we are able to grow closer to Him by seeking Him.

In the season of pause we refresh.

During this time, you are able to rest and refresh yourself both physically and spiritually. Don’t look at it as a bad thing because at times we all need to slow down and take a break in order to allow ourselves time to rest. Sometimes a season of pause may happen because we are not taking care of ourselves and allowing ourselves to be restful. A season of burnout is more detrimental than a season of rest.

In the season of pause we refocus.

Maybe God is providing this opportunity for us to become UNdistracted from the abundant distractions of this world. We all know that at any time we can be overwhelmed by all the things that are going on around us. With the hectic schedules that we have, it is easy for us to lose focus on the things that are most important; which in turns causes us to neglect the things that are most important.

So as you may find yourself in a season of pause, take a moment to change your perspective of that time and see it as a time to grow, be refreshed and refocus on what truly matters.

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  • R. Hanvey

    Great message!!


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