Day 8

“Judah the father of Perez and Zerah, whose mother was Tamar, Perez the father of Hezron, Hezron the father of Ram.”

Matthew 1:3

Here is mention of Perez who is listed in the ancestry and lineage of Jesus. Perez’s story can be found in Exodus 38. His father was Judah, who was one of the 12 sons (tribes) of Jacob (Israel). Judah’s first two sons had died. The wife of the first son was Tamar. She realized Judah was not going to give his third son, Shelah, to her as a husband. So she covered her face and posed as a prostitute in order to trick Judah to sleep with her. Tamar became pregnant with twins, Zerah (the firstborn) and Perez.

This is a jacked-up story, even for today’s standards. Perez was the result of sin and trickery; and he was not even the firstborn. Many probably thought he would never amount to much. But do you see what God does? He used the mess to carry on the lineage that eventually led to the birth of Jesus.

We all are parts of messes, some have been made for us and some we have created for ourselves. And we all have felt like these messes will never be cleaned up. We live every day with these thoughts; and we cope as best we can. But here is the good news: God can use your mess. His iron of grace and truth smooths out the wrinkles and eventually brings good out of messes for those who love him and trust in him.


  • What is the mess you are dealing with this Christmas? Remember, no matter how unsolvable and destructive it seems, God has you in his hand. He is already working on the details that will bring about good. Stop fretting and start praying. Ask Him to give you the wisdom to understand how He is working. Ask Him to help you learn how to rest in his love.

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