The Why Behind The What

Where Did The Leadership Network Idea Come From?

This originated from God consistently reminding me of the power and calling of encouragement.

Paul writes in many of his letters about how he is encouraged by the faith of those he is writing to and also of his hope to encourage them.

Purpose of the HRM Leadership Network

This Leadership Network exist for the purpose of encouragement and edification of one another for those in ministry.

Our core verse comes from one of Paul’s letters:

“So then, let us pursue what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” -Romans 14:19

Our Goals

Our goals for the Leadership Network are centered around helping Pastors and Ministry Leaders within areas of struggle, difficulty, doubt, newness or whatever season they are currently walking through. We understand and believe that you cannot do life alone and certainly you cannot do ministry alone!

    • We are not called to do this as individuals but as partners in the Body

We want to help those who are part of this Leadership Network to find encouragement from others who are walking or have walked through similar avenues of life. We pray that through this Leadership Network the Body can minister to the Body and serve each other well.

We hope that Pastors and Ministry Leaders will be able to learn and grow from connections made to one another in their walks with Christ and in their respective areas of ministry.

What We Do

We will stay in contact with and facilitate bi-monthly emails with those who are part of the Leadership Network.

We will provide updates on HRM and ways in which the Lord is using this ministry to share the Hope of Jesus with the world.

We will provide updates from Churches and Ministries that are also part of the Leadership Network to show how the Lord is moving in different areas.

There may be times where we host a virtual gatherings via Google Hangouts for those who are a part of the Leadership Network.

As we grow we hope to provide materials (from HRM and even the Churches/Ministries within the Network) for the Churches and Ministries that are a part of the Leadership Network.

Understanding the “Why” behind What We Do

Have you ever been instructed to do something and then stopped to ask “why”?

    • Growing up, in school & sports you may have been instructed to do something without the WHY behind it.
    • Ever heard “because I said so”?
    • At times as adults we may (unintentionally) discourage the curiosity of children because we don’t know the WHY or don’t have a good WHY

Successful missions, dreams, ideas are driven by a “why” behind the “what”.

    • The WHY drives them
    • It encourages them

As those who have been called to ministry in order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring glory to His name, have you truly stopped to ask yourself why do you do this (ministry, calling, etc)?

*Disclaimer Before Continuing On* Social Media and the Internet, are great tools and not bad when used in the right ways. And I’m not talking specifically about our PERSONAL accounts.

When it comes to the use of social media, we have to make sure to also ask “why”. Ask yourself “why” am I posting this? What is the goal behind it?

    • Is it to get more attention about what God is doing?
    • Is it to share about an upcoming event so that people can hear the Gospel and in turn meet Jesus?
    • Or is it so that people see ME?

We should always care more about how many people are following Jesus rather than are following us on [insert social media outlet].

Over the years, I’ve talked to Pastors, Evangelist, Ministry leaders that have been on both sides of the idea about the use of social media.

Some use it consistently to promote the ministry the Lord has called them to. They use it well in highlighting what God is doing and how the Lord is moving.

Then I’ve met some who rarely use Social Media or any form of promoting for their church or ministry other than word of mouth.

Either way, God can use you to reach those whom He would have you reach.

There is a very fine balance between your social media being more about you than about Jesus.

We must be careful about that and at the same time guard each other from it being about us.

    • Ask friends and those you trust to help you guard the way you are using your social media accounts when it comes to ministry

These things can distract us from the real WHY behind the WHAT we do.

We never want to allow, the attraction of having people’s attention, to keep our attention from Jesus.

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